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Variable Rate Irrigation

Variable Rate Irrigation Prescription (Rx) Maps are tailored to the field in order to manage each field’s unique variability. READ MORE


Farmers Edge Laboratories

We perform soil, seed, tissue and manure analysis across millions of acres around the world. We can also work directly with other labs too. READ MORE


Mapping and Yield Analysis

Analyze all of your yields in great detail, with the push of a button. READ MORE

Composite Soil Sampling

State of the art soil laboratory with Multi-depth soil sampling for more accurate results. READ MORE


Brand Agnostic Telematics

Asset Tracking and ISOBUS Technologies with CANPLUG. Features integrated cellular, bluetooth, USB, GPS and much more. READ MORE

Precision GPS and Satellite Imagery

Know where each piece of equipment is, what it's doing, how your fields are, and what your costs are in real-time. READ MORE

Mixed Fleet and Farm Management

Works on all colors of modern farm equipment

Operational Planning

From start to finish, FarmCommand keeps you and your staff organized. Keep track of supplies, expenses, equipment records, locations, employees and much more.

Precision GPS and Asset Tracking

Your operation depends upon knowing where your valuable equipment is, in real-time. Keep track of all of your equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

Integrated Cellular Module

Forget your smartphone? No problem. Our system includes a fully integrated cellular module so you don't have to worry.

Real-Time Analytics

We combine your operational data with equipment data to create analytics

Seed Remaining

Fuel in Storage

Jobs Complete

Acres at Risk

Why Choose FarmCommand?

6 Reasons Why Growers Choose FarmCommand and Farmers Edge

Real Time P&L

The FarmCommand system combines our cloud-based farm management tools, with our proprietary telematics system. Our reports show you how much money you are spending across your fleet, in real-time.

Manage Better

With a decade of experience and expertise in VRT, Agronomy, Seed Analysis, Soil Analysis and more, thousands of farmers trust millions of acres to Farmers Edge across the world. We deliver top quality on the field and in the office.

Our Expertise

Our teams are made up of agronomists, soil scientists, geo-spatial experts, variable rate technologists, experienced equipment managers and most importantly, farmers like you.


Your information is secure, owned exclusively by you, and you have full control over it all. Data stored in the cloud is backed up and safe at all times. You have peace of mind knowing that you can access your account, at anytime, from anywhere.


For nearly 10 years, the Farmers Edge team has partnered with farmers around the in the US, Canada, Europe, South America and around the world. Combining our expertise in agronomy, soil, irrigation, seed analysis with technology in the cloud, we are always there when you need us.

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Once ready to deploy the full system, you'll find a real return on investment (like you, we measure that in bushels). Your increase in yield, efficiencies and higher profits enable our full program to pay for itself.

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